Every $10K Invested into Discover Financial Services in 2011 is Now Worth This

Jessica Wong

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”

— Warren Buffett

The Warren Buffett investment philosophy calls for a long-term investment horizon, where a decade-long holding period, or even longer, would fit right into the strategy. How would such a strategy have worked out for an investment into Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS)? Today, we examine the outcome of a decade-long investment into the stock back in 2011.

Start date: 05/09/2011


End date: 05/06/2021
Start price/share: $24.61
End price/share: $117.73
Starting shares: 406.34
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Discover Albany’s hidden gem: Ten Broeck Mansion

Jessica Wong

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Ten Broeck Mansion was built in 1797-98 for General Abraham Ten Broeck and his wife, Elizabeth Van Rensselaer, after a fire destroyed their previous Albany home.  Decades later it would become the headquarters of the Albany County Historical Association.

Albany architect Phillip Hooker (1766-1836) is behind the Federal-style house. The mansion, named “Prospect,” hosted many well-known visitors over the years.

From serving as a delegate to the second continental congress to commanding the New York militia at the famous Battle

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Excellent Educators: York County teacher ‘TikToking,’ teaching English and helping students discover who they are

Jessica Wong

YORK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Every morning during the month of May on WAVY News 10 Today, we’re highlighting Excellent Educators from Gloucester, to Gates County, and everywhere in between.  

One educator, a teacher at a York County middle school, is TikToking her way into her students’ hearts and minds. 

Melissa Schantz is a seventh-grade English teacher at Tabb Middle School. She also helps with the school’s yearbook program. She’s been at Tabb for about a year and a half. Her time at the school has its ups and downs, but she’s made sure to keep up her excitement

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Hebrew University researchers discover the taste of heavy water

Jessica Wong
An international team of researchers has discovered the answer to a long-standing puzzle within the scientific community, proving once and for all that D2O, or ‘heavy water,’ – a form of water which contains a different isotope deuterium (D), also known as ‘heavy hydrogen’ – has a sweet taste.

There is anecdotal evidence from 1935 that the taste of pure D2O is distinct from the neutral one of pure H2O, being described mostly as “sweet.” However, researchers in that study described their results as inconclusive.

The team, led by Masha Niv at Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Biochemistry, Food

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Researchers Discover Peaceful Turtle Playground in the Sargasso Sea

Jessica Wong
A tagged green sea turtle.

A tagged green sea turtle.
Photo: Gustavo Stahelin, UCF MTRG; Permit number NMFS – 19508

Off the coast of Florida lie marigold meadows floating in the ocean; they’re trails of sargassum, a seaweed that bobs on the surface of the water. Amid those frilly ocean mats, young sea turtles grow up, learning about life in an oasis protected from predators.

In 2012, a research team scooped up 21 newly hatched green turtles and brought them to their lab. They were kept there for about three months, until their shells were about the side of salad plates. Then,

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