Californians hit beaches, travel ahead of virus rules easing

Jessica Wong

Californians headed to campgrounds, beaches and restaurants over the long holiday weekend as the state prepared to shed some of its coronavirus rules

Southern California beaches were busy with families barbecuing and children playing in the sand and surf. Business owners said they were scrambling to hire workers to keep up with

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2 Kevin Knox trades to explore in the offseason

Jessica Wong

NY Knicks, Kevin Knox (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Alright NY Knicks fans…it may be time to panic a little bit.

We’re down 3-1. This sucks.

Certainly not over just yet but the future looks pretty bleak.

After crushing the Atlanta Hawks all regular season, you’d think the Knicks would be better prepared to take them on during the postseason.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case so far.

After Nate McMillan took the team over, their entire identity has shifted and done a180 from how they looked during the first half of the season.

They went from a bottom-of-the-barrel defensive

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Timelapse Film Shows Journey of a Bridge Traveling Through Rotterdam

Jessica Wong

A team of professional photographers had the rare opportunity to record a timelapse of the Suurhoff Bridge as it sailed through the Rotterdam city center towards its final installation location.

Bas Stoffelsen — owner of The Timewriters — is a professional timelapse photographer from the Netherlands who told PetaPixel that he was asked by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure to create a timelapse documenting Suurhoff Bridge’s (“Suurhoffbrug”) journey as it took a slow river cruise through the heart of Rotterdam.

The bridge, which is a 656 long tied-arch bridge, headed for its destination near the Dutch city’s busy port area,

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This Summer Season’s Top Travel Accessories For Her

Jessica Wong

The world is slowly getting out of lockdown and into the new normal. Summer is here. Europe has opened its borders for vaccinated Americans. Restaurants, hotels, and beach clubs are re-opening and airlines are extending their flight schedules. Time to enjoy some freedom, lightness and la dolce vita. Here are this special summer season’s top travel accessories, that will keep you not only safe but also looking and feeling good. 

Never Go Alone Hand Sanitizing Mist

Never Go Alone (N.G.A.) is an experiential self-care brand that empowers us to live and travel responsibly in times of unprecedented change. The team 

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Discover What Makes The Ferrari F40 And Porsche Carrera GT So Special

Jessica Wong

The world of driver-focused, analog sports cars and supercars is coming to an end as we know it and in his most recent review, Doug DeMuro had the opportunity to compare two of the finest analog supercars alongside each other; the Ferrari F40 and Porsche Carrera GT.

Unlike most of DeMuro’s reviews where he goes into every tiny detail of the vehicle he is testing, most of this video is focused on the driving impressions of the two mid-engined supercars. That’s fitting as the F40 and Carrera GT remain some of the most iconic supercars ever built.

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