USC Aiken students explore microbiology at mushroom farm in Jackson | Local News

Jessica Wong

JACKSON — Several microbiology students based at USC Aiken had chickens and farm dogs in their “classroom” atmosphere on the morning of March 1, as they got an introduction to one of the area’s more unusual agricultural operations, with an intense focus on small, high-value crops.

Gourmet mushrooms and fungi are a huge part of the daily discussion for Ben Crawford and Rebecca Goldberg, co-owners of Circular Farm, and they led the students on a tour of their facility and showed some of the creations on track to be offered through a variety of local restaurants and other outlets.

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A Philadelphian’s Guide to Exploring and Visiting Delaware

Jessica Wong


The state Joe Biden calls home is having a full-on moment. Here’s how to explore it.

The outdoor patio at Bluecoast in Bethany Beach, one restaurant to try while you’re visiting Delaware. Photograph by Pamela Aquilani

The state Joe Biden calls home is having a full-on moment. Here’s how to explore.

Restaurant-Hop in Wilmington

Highlights from the city’s dining renaissance

Le Cavalier
Philly chef Tyler Akin has breathed new life into the Hotel du Pont’s historic restaurant. Out: heavy velvet

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A new cookbook invites non vegans to explore vegan cuisine

Jessica Wong

Tempted by everything from Zac Efron’s abs to Tabitha Brown’s TikTok recipes, more than a third of Americans today express interest in the vegan lifestyle according to many surveys or measured by their grocery purchases. I’m a former non-vegetarian, and I understand the appeal. The vegan experts at VegNews magazine get it too, and they’ve recently published the perfect book for the vegan curious.

Cover courtesy of Hachette

Written by senior editor Jasmin Singer, “The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan: Look Good, Feel Good & Do Good in 30 Days” ($19.99) was published at the end of December

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Explore new worlds with fantasy books | Education

Jessica Wong

Fantasy books offer wonderful opportunities for young readers to use their imaginations while relating to universal themes found in all types of books. The world building inherent in the genre expands ideas for what is possible and helps build empathy. And many fantasies are just plain entertaining.

“LillyBelle: A Damsel Not in Distress” by Joana Pastro is a fun fantasy book that turns the damsel in distress trope on its head. LillyBelle is in training to be a damsel who waits for others to come save her; however, that is not LillyBelle’s style. When she is in trouble, LillyBelle uses

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Public, private entities explore ways to improve transit in Capital City

Jessica Wong

A simple trip across town isn’t so simple for many in the Capital City.

While many in the community don’t worry about how they’re going to get somewhere, for others, it can be a challenging question.

Various services, public and private, try to fill that gap both for people who need it regularly and when there’s an emergency.

Jefferson City has a bus service that runs on weekdays, officials are working on improved bike routes, and the city’s remaining taxi service faced a rough first year in 2020.


The primary source of public transportation found in Jefferson City is

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