Moynihan: Best Option for Future Police Station Is To Build Anew Elsewhere in New Canaan

Jessica Wong

The town’s highest elected official said this week that he would prefer to find a different site for New Canaan Police Department headquarters and build a new station there, rather than renovate the existing South Avenue structure or rebuild on the parcel.

The cost of renovating the 1927-built police station, which comes with the expense of creating “swing space” elsewhere during construction, likely is far higher than many realize, according to First Selectman Kevin Moynihan.

In addition, if the town builds anew on a different site in New Canaan, it can sell off the South Avenue building to a residential

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How should N.J. wrestle amid a pandemic? Coaches from elsewhere have some answers

Jessica Wong

Ready or not, here comes New Jersey high school wrestling.

On March 1, wrestling programs across the state begin 14 days of practice for what will be the shortest and most challenging season on record.

Mats will be unrolled for the first time in nearly a year. In 2020, Jersey wrestling outran coronavirus, completing the state finals only days before the accelerating pandemic shut down high school sports until October.

How can New Jersey navigate the 2021 season in a sport that has the most close-quarter, one-on-one competition of any other?

The answer – or at least part of it

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Georgia Says: ‘Enough Already. Look Elsewhere for News’

Jessica Wong

Can we put Georgia on pause?

In all the years that I helped manage national news coverage for an Atlanta-based cable network, Georgia never warranted the sustained attention it has received the past year or so.

State Rep. Josh McLaurin recently pleaded on Twitter: “Georgia respectfully requests a brief timeout from national attention. A few minutes will do fine.”

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In truth, a few minutes won’t cut it, not by a long shot. It’s exhausting just looking back.

Start on Jan. 21, 2020, when the Atlanta-based

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After U-turning in Australia, Facebook faces bigger battles elsewhere

Jessica Wong

Facebook’s fight with the Australian government has followed a familiar course. Struggling to compete with the tech giants in the realm of online advertising, the old media guard successfully lobbied for new legislation mandating that Big Tech reimburses it for the engagement and traffic its journalism generates on their platforms. In response, the tech giants threatened to remove their services from the jurisdiction. In Facebook’s case, it followed through on that threat  and then U-turned.

What distinguishes this battle from earlier ones is the speed at which the process played out. When the Spanish government introduced similar legislation in

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Powell Goes Easy on Surging Yields While Central Bank Peers Fret

Jessica Wong

(Bloomberg) — The unprecedented $9 trillion rescue mission by central banks to haul the world economy from its coronavirus recession is being tested as rising bond yields and inflation bets threaten their ability to keep borrowing costs down.

While Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell this week called the recent run-up in bond yields “a statement of confidence” in the economic outlook, other counterparts are sounding less sanguine as their recoveries lag that of the U.S..

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said Monday that she and colleagues are “closely monitoring” government debt yields. The Bank of Korea warned it’ll intervene

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