HPE Discover 2021: What to Expect at This Year’s Event

Jessica Wong

Data continues to be the driving force behind digital transformation, and decisions made during the pandemic have created opportunities exceeding what IT leaders could have envisioned at the beginning of 2020. Harnessing those data-driven opportunities will be the theme of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s annual HPE Discover conference this year.

The conference kicks off June 22 with a keynote by HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri, who will be joined by other business leaders to announce new services and solutions designed to exploit data’s potential in what the company is calling the “age of insight.”

HPE Discover 2021 is being

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Discover The Discovery Museum

Jessica Wong

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – The Discovery Museum has only been open an hour and there’s still plenty of activity. Kids are busy interacting with the exhibits. In one section, it’s about the environment in Northern Nevada. In this case, a dust devil.

Plenty of the exhibits make noise.

For two moms and four kids on vacation, a visit to The Discovery was a great diversion and unique surprise.

“We just walked in but the kids are super enthused. So, we are excited to see what it is about, says Michelle Chapman a parent at the Discovery.

There are various sections

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Discover Colorado’s largest rock and mineral shop

Jessica Wong

NATHROP, Colo – If you’ve ever driven down Highway 285, you may have passed by a long red and white building called The Rock Doc. The Rock Doc is one of those hidden gems left over from the 1970s when highways across the US were littered with rock shops just waiting for road trippers to splurge on mineral trinkets.

The Rock Doc is the largest rock and mineral shop in the Rockies and has been operating for 50 years. The current owner, Cindy “The Rock Doc” Peratt, bought the shop 20 years ago when she saw that it was for

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5 Authentic Experiences To Help You Discover Chile

Jessica Wong

Travel is about more than just visiting those tourist-heavy attractions; it’s about having authentic experiences that connect you with a new part of the world, a different culture and diverse peoples. Travel can expand your mind, broaden your perspectives and help you create lasting memories and relationships.

Chile, with people almost as diverse as its landscape, is a great destination for experiencing the world’s uniqueness. From the Andes to Antarctica, this country is truly one that demands to be explored in unique ways.


In the country’s northern region lies the “Garden of the Atacama,” the Huasco Valley. A trip

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Microsoft’s new security tool will discover firmware vulnerabilities, and more, in PCs and IoT devices

Jessica Wong

Devices have multiple OSs and firmware running, and most organisations don’t know what they have or if it’s secure. Microsoft will use ReFirm to make it easier to find out without being an expert.

ReFirm fits in with Azure services to scan and update IoT devices. 

Image: Microsoft

As operating systems become more secure, attackers are increasingly shifting their attention to firmware, which is less visible, more fundamental and rarely well protected. 

Vulnerabilities in firmware are a steadily growing percentage of the new issues added to the NIST National Vulnerability Database: five times as many attacks are happening as

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